I am a Beirut-based Graphic Designer and Art Director. I believe that good design does not follow trends, does not make false promises, and does not compromise on meaning. I am obsessed with Arabic typography and the Arabic cultural heritage.

After acquiring my Masters in Graphic Design, I joined WonderEight (2007-2016), where I handled a wide range of projects from conception to production. I started freelancing in  2016, taking on challenging projects that include concept creation and implementation for visual identities, publications and packaging.
I specialize in typography and lettering. I earned 2 type design certificates from type@paris in 2015 and ATDB in 2016. Also in 2016, I joined the LAU School of Architecture and Design teaching the Typography I, II, and III courses.

I’m here to help you with

Branding is story telling. And just like in any story, a context has to be defined, protagonists have to be developed and dialogues have to be written. This is where I come in to help you define your positioning, personality and tone of voice. Then, I translate it all into a visually attractive story through different communication tools like logos, stationery, publications, invitations, packaging, signage, display and more.

If your brand is already established but you need help communicating new products or ideas, I can make your words seen through creative posters, publications and online activations catered to your audience.

Lettering Lettering allows you to get your message across in a customized, unique way. Used in logotype design, editorial designs, advertising and many other media, it is especially useful when working with Arabic, seeing the scarcity of display Arabic fonts out there. I also take on personal commissions for when you want to decorate your walls or gift a special message to loved ones.

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