Maroun Chedid is a renowned Lebanese chef in the Middle East and Gulf regions whose brand needed a complete revamp to answer to its vision of expanding internationally. His business module includes a catering service, a consulting service and a school of culinary arts.
With an Endorsed Brand strategy in mind, all 4 brands were designed to look different while retaining a common thread in terms of aesthetic and thought.



The Maroun Chedid Identity

The MC monogram is inspired by how different simple ingredients (represented here in basic geometric forms) can come together to create a piece of art. It represents the chef's bold, modern and exquisite approach to cooking and is designed to be a dynamic container that can express the 4 different pillars of the brand: Terroir, Authenticity, Inventiveness and Artistry.



Citrus Identity

Citrus is a catering service by Maroun Chedid. Similar to the mother brand, the monogram is created with geometric forms inspired by a serving bowl as well as the citrus fruit. The semi-circles come together to create a dynamic C which reflects the joy and liveliness of coming together around food.



Copper Trey  Identity

Copper Trey is the consulting unit by Maroun Chedid. Within the same concept of using geometric forms to create a monogram, the C and T come together to reveal an unfolding of success and opportunities. The result exudes strength, trust and creativity.


School of Culinarty Arts  Identity

SCA (school of culinary arts) offers programs for both foodies and professional chefs. A more serious, academic approach was needed for this sub-brand to convey a confident and straightforward personality. The geometric forms are replaced here with a search for symmetry abetween the letters, similar to a chef's way of finding a perfect balance between flavors.

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